Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dan Hernandez Artist Talk High School Art

We had the amazingly talented artist Dan Hernandez come for a lecture yesterday. He had some great insights into where he gets ideas from, how they interact with Art History, and how materials play an integral part in his final product. He even gave us some Photoshop and photo transfer techniques that he has learned through years of trial and error. Great stuff. He teaches art at the University of Toledo.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Figure Drawing Proportions High School Art Drawing

Students were lectured about human proportions in art. They were then instructed to copy charts of males and females and copy an old etching of a skeleton next to the chart figure using pencil.

Anime Self Portrait Middle School Art

We looked at some more Anime faces. Students were instructed to make a self portrait in an Anime style using pen and color pencil and dress themselves in clothing that they would normally wear outside of school (this is a private school where they wear uniforms). They also needed to create a familiar.

Drawing from Anime Middle School Art

Students learned about Anime and how those faces are drawn differently. We watched the classic Anime film Redline on Youtube. I paused on close ups of the character faces and they had 5 minutes to draw them. We only watched the opening sequence where there isn't any R-rated material. Just some great action sequences and close ups. Great look.

4 Obstructions Acrylic Still Life High School Art

During four sessions, students were given one period to paint the same still life. During that period students were instructed to use certain colors, mediums, and painting instruments, etc. This was an exercise in giving yourself boundaries and how that can produce style. I got to role play Lars Von Trier. They were also painting a little too tight and needed to loosen up.

One Point Perspective Interior High School Art

We looked at the work of artists Echo Eggebrecht, Jonas Wood, and Ryan Browning. Students used one-point perspective to create an interior of their choosing such as the inside of an alien ship, Yeti's cave, or a science lab under the sea. But most chose to do fairly traditional interiors.

One Point Perspective Shelves High School Art

These paintings were done in the style of artist Paul Wackers . Emphasis on painting with masking tape, acrylic paste and glossy medium, and in layers.