Monday, December 3, 2007

Earth Work High School Art

I'm finally doing a large collaborative project with my Art Theory 1 class! I showed them works by Robert Smithson, Andy Goldsworthy, and my friend Jared Lindsay Clark. After that, we went outside and looked around for a possible site and materials to use. Today, I had each student do a drawing to propose their idea. We put them all up on the chalkboard and each student had to present their idea. We then voted on paper ballots for the proposals that we would create. I posted 1st and 2nd place. I will follow this up with photos from the construction.

1st Place by Katie Cosner
2nd Place by Brian Milstein

Monochramatic Collage Faces High School Art

The assignment was to do a small, monochromatic collage face.

Klaire Korver
Katie Cosner
Dalton Folsch
Rachel Marty

Tint and Shade High School Art

This assignment was to paint with acrylic, the three color tubes set up on their tables using tints and shades.

Rachel Marty
Katie Cosner
Klaire Korver
Allie Butters

Advertisement High School Art

For this assignment I gave my 3 photoshop students a product to advertise.

Samantha Krug design for Toilet Duck
Carole Daniel design for Tootsie Roll
Maddy Fraioli design for Tic Tac