Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Identity High School Art

Another identity assignment. We looked at Kerry James Marshall and Maya Lin. They had two weeks to finish this one. Rebecca is leaving to attend Syracuse in some design field.

Rebecca Waldern

Skull High School Art Still-Life Drawing

The kids worked on these for several weeks and took them home to finish them. Stephanie was the only one who completely finished. She is a senior. Beautiful drawing for someone in high school or college. I told her she could make art a career and she said she's not interested. Bummer.

Stephanie Mita

Acrylic Surrealism High School Art Painting

This acrylic surrealism painting was the final for my Art Theory 2 Class (3 Juniors). I had them illustrate one of their dreams. They were shown Dali, de Chirico, Tanguy, Magritte, and Earnst. They spent about 2 weeks on it.

Klaire Korver

Katie Cosner

Allie Butters

Non-Objective High School Art Painting

For this assignment, I had the kids do an acrylic painting using both organic and geometric non-objective shapes and forms. I showed them work by Frank Stella, Agnes Martin, Helen Frankenthaler, Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, and Todd Chilton. Towards the end I had to help a few of them mess up their nice geometic shapes.

Devon Legge

Jen Jue

Shanika Gilmour

Emily Ottke

Anthony Brewer

Sophie Rosseel

Casey Morgan

Gaby Quintanilla

Tyler Hefner

Lauren Taniguchi