Thursday, October 22, 2015

Exquisite Corpse High School Art

I showed students a presentation on the Surrealists and the origins of Exquisite Corpse drawing. This assignment is great to do right around Halloween and it's one of the better collaborative assignments that you can do in Art.

Emma Kunz, Agnes Martin, and Louise Despont High School Art

For this AP Studio Art assignment, I showed students work by Emma Kunz, Agnes Martin, and Louise Despont. They were given cream paper, told to grid it out in any measurement they wanted, and then draw however the grid "speaks to you".

Alien World Middle School Art

Students were given the assignment to create an alien world with flora and fauna. We looked at the artists David Jien and Motohiro Hayakawa.

Memphis Group High School Art

For this AP Studio Art Assignment, we looked at the Memphis Group and their influence on 80's aesthetic and their current resurgence as a contemporary influence on Art and Design. Students were then asked to make a drawing, painting, or mixed media work in the style of the Memphis Group.