Friday, February 29, 2008

Sphere Drawing High School Art

This assignment is for my sophomores. Draw a sphere. They were given 2 periods.Shani Gilmour
Devon Legge
Lauren Taniguchi
Sophi Rosseel
Jen Jue
Anthony Brewer
Tyler Heffner
Emily Ottke
Gaby Quintanilla
Casey Morgan

Paper Cut High School Art

We started off by looking at Lane Twitchell's work. The kids had to do their own paper cut with content that reflected their personal identity.

Katie Cosner
Allie Butters
Klaire Korver

Graffiti Poster High School Art

In this assignment for my studio class, they had to make a faux-poster that would be hung up around school. The subject matter could be anything they wanted. The documentation of the installed work was emphasized as being just as important or more so than the actual piece. I hope some kids or teachers do get confused.

Ellen Shmunis (the clock is the poster that Ellen made above the real school poster)
Andrew Kruep
Eric Pyka
Sarah Brenneman
Leslie Koyama
Emma Polster

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Photoshop Abstraction Template High School Art

For this photoshop assignment, I had them pick an abstract painting from . They then used that painting's composition as a template to create their own abstract work. I think this was one of the more succesful assignments of last semester.

Carole Daniel

Sammi Krug

Maddy Fraioli