Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Painting in the Style of a Favorite Artist High School Art

Students looked through a stack of books including Vitamin P, Vitamin P2, and a handful of New American Paintings, picked an artist that they liked, and then made a painting in the style of that artist using their own imagery. They worked on them for 2 weeks in class which is standard in my classes for something that is large and conceptually challenging. I might even give a couple of extra days if they seem to be working hard as a group and need it.

Isometric Fortress Guarding Something High School Art

I showed students a presentation on various types of perspective including isometric and hierarchical proportion using video games and the work of Dan Hernandez, David Jien, and Indian Miniatures.

Visionary Architecture Advanced Middle School Art

I gave students a presentation on Isometric Perspective using engineering renderings, video games, and cut away architectural drawings. They had to create a building that solved a problem and could use either isometric or 2-point perspective. They had about 2 weeks of class time to finish them.

Sketchbook Advanced Middle School Art

In all of my drawing classes students have to hand in 5 sketches in black pen each week.

Rubber Stamp Gimp Photo Correction High School Art

Students are learning the basics of photo touch-up in Gimp using an old, damaged photo.

Gimp Awkward Family Photo

Students used Gimp to superimpose their faces onto photos borrowed from the blog Awkward Family Photos.

Monochromatic Acrylic Painting High School Art