Monday, November 10, 2008

Art Field Trip to San Francisco High School Art

Last Thursday, the Art Theory 1, Art Theory 2, Painting, A.P. Studio Art, Studio Art, and Film kids with me and 3 other teachers, Adam Wilson, Rebecca Barrett, and Sam Roy went on a field trip up to San Francisco. We hit all of the 49 Geary galleries. Saw some good things at Steven Wolf, Steven Wirtz, and Gregory Lind. Jack Fischer was at home with a fever. Bummer. We then walked over to Blondies and had some delicious pizza. After lunch, we walked over to the Yerba Buena where we saw some great work by Misako Inaoka, Leslie Shows, and a whole bunch of installation artists that I can't remember their names. After the art deluge, we hung out in the Yerba Buena Park for a little before our bus picked us up. These photos were taken by myself (at the beginning and end) and Keyan Mohsenin (most of the photos in the middle).

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Avert Farm said...

that's great.
my high school art classes never took any field trips.