Tuesday, July 21, 2009

AP Studio Art Assignment #1

Thank you to those that sent me their images. Thank you to those that sent me your image on time. Thank you mostly to those who sent me their image on time and only sent one image that they deemed was the highest quality image.

On to grading. I am not going to give these a letter grade yet. I'll do that when you guys come in the first week. I will however grade them on the AP scale of 1-5 and tell you why. Please give me feedback on my feedback if you have any. Continue having a dope summer and I look forward to seeing your next assignment.

3 This drawing is missing some midtones. There are plenty of darks and lights, but not quite enough in the middle. Sometimes this is a good thing in art when you want to exaggerate, but not in a strict representational assignment. Maybe the photo wasn't great. That's why I won't grade these until I see them in person. The guitar is placed square on the golden section on the right which works. But you have to many interesting objects that are too far off of those edges. A good composition plays with the edges without jumping over. More detail. Again, on seeing the real thing, I might change my mind on that. But more detail is something that can always be done and it will always help your case.

4 The detail is great. Several of the objects are very difficult to draw and the temptation is draw a symbol of the thing rather than the actual object. This drawer did not give in to temptation. I would like to see a bit more of the midtones. Not much. The composition isn't dynamic. It's static. You could do to have something going off the page. The top of that frame should probably be poking over the edge. The space behind your objects isn't completely defined. The objects seem to float a little. Nit picking. This is an excellent drawing.

2 Every inch is covered in graphite. That's good. Lot's of midtones. Good. Composition is good. Where there seems to be trouble is in your rendering of the objects. You seem to be doing what I talked about earlier. You aren't drawing the actual binding to those books, you are drawing a symbol, cartoon, simplification of a binding. To get away from this you need to spend a significant amount of time looking at the binding and not be afraid of the work it will take to get the letters perfectly straight and draw that little curve where the binding moves to the cover where the page bends. There is plenty of detail, but it needs to be detail that exists and that will help define the object as a 3-Dimensional object in space. Also, not the best photo. Don't use an iphone.

2.5 A late drawing loses 10% credit after one day, 20% credit after that. The composition is great. Maybe too many midtones. Many of the objects begin to lose their form and blend in with other objects. It's difficult to see what the items are. That kind of ambiguity is great in art sometimes, but again, not in this assignment and generally speaking, not in the AP Portfolio. Some objects looked hurried. The patterns that emerge from the cast shadows from the objects look great.

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