Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Self Portrait with Mirror Drawing High School Art

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Carolyn said...

Why wouldn't you tell your students that if you bisect the head top to bottom,the eyes are across that MIDDLE line, not 2/3 of the up as so many (apparently) believe -- probably because they focus on eyes, nose and mouth? Insisting that students adhere to this one simple and unrestrictive rule would in no way diminish freedom of artistic expression and individual style, but would improve the quality of these portraits immensely. The students would notice, too. feeling proud to have finally completed a self-portrait that actually looks like them. Use some famous portrait and a ruler. It wll take five minutes and they'll be convinced, because it's true. Then let them go ahead with the assignment. The difference will be marked. and make their work look more mature and insightful, and less like children's drawings.