Monday, August 25, 2014

Nature Drawing Middle School Art

While the weather is still warm and sunny, I'm trying to take my students outside to draw and paint as much as humanly possible. Today I took my Middle School Advanced Art class out for a march around in the school grounds in search of mushrooms and other flora to draw. We found some stuff, took it back to our patio, and sketched using micron pens.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Sphere Drawing High School Art

Back to High School....Blogging Again

I took a hiatus from teaching Art at a private school in Los Altos California. I moved with my family to Ohio, taught drawing for a little while at Bowling Green State University, then moved to Columbus, Ohio, and now am teaching High School and Junior High Art at a small private school again. I am teaching High School Painting, Drawing, and Film Studies, and Junior High 2D, and Advanced Art. I work with another wonderful lady that teaches all of the Elementary Art and all 3D classes. Also, I finally have a smartphone and will be using my new app which will make this process so much easier. Excited to be back.